How to spy on text messages without installing software? With mSpy spy phone app.

Track mobile cell phone like a detective without a need to root or jailbreak it.

mSpy How to spy on text messages without installing software?

Get ultimate tool for absolutely Remote Smartphone Tracking.


Sarah, Dallas, TX mSpy

Sarah, Dallas, TX

“It was so easy to start tracking with this spy phone app. You can even spy on text messages without installing software. But if you choose to install it you will get many more features. I recommend mSpy!”

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Top 5 reasons why to buy mSpy mobile cell phone spy software

  • It is mobile spy phone app with powerful, advance and unique spy features which allows you full control of the target phone.
  • It allows you to spy on iPhone and iPad activities without being jailbroken and installed! This is unique and top advance spy feature which is not allowed with any other spy phone app currently available on the market.
  • This spy software can be used to spy on call logs, emails, GPS location, internet use, all social network activities and many more including SMS tracker for iOS and Android based smartphones, tablets and iPads.
  • It allows you to spy on a personal Windows and Mac OS computers too without being detected.
  • This spy phone app is considered to be one of the top stable spy software available on market.


What is mSpy?

mSpy is world top stable spy phone app which can be used to spy on target person cell phone as well as PC. It has innovative and very user-friendly online account environment where you can view all extracted target phone or PC secret activities.

Many spy experts puts mSpy in top 5 spy phone app currently available on the market.

Why top 5?

mSpy is stable and have great spying facilities but also it has one special feature for iPhones that no other spy app have. It provides you way to spy on a target iPhone remote without jailbreaking or installing anything.

How to spy iPhone remote?

It is achieved through online control panel where you need to insert:

  • Apple id,
  • Password.

If you decide to spy on a non jailbroken Apple device the range of the spy features will be reduced but it supports all new models and it will work great without anyone know it.

Is it stealth?

mSpy is designed to stay stealth in the background because there are no pop-ups, alerts or notifications and it does not affect on the target phone or PC performance. So the target is completely unable to spot it.

Which advance features it has?

mSpy isn’t build for professional and series illegal surveillance. It is build for spying on kids and employees mobile cell phones. Despite that this phone tracker has many useful and advance features like…

  • Manage Calls
  • Read all Instant Messages
  • SMS tracking
  • Email monitoring
  • GPS tracking

… and many more. In just a few second you’ll see, why people use this app and what key advantages of using it are.

Is it hard to install? Can I install it on a target cell phone using my SIM?

Installation of the software is very easy. It takes up to 4 minutes. Also MSpy is install on the phone not SIM card. So during the installation you can take your own SIM with internet connection to install application and then change the SIM.


Why would I use it?

There are many reasons why customers all around the world buy and use mSpy app. This mobile cell phone app is special designed to spy on iPhone features like text messages, calls etc. without installing the software. The key advantages of using this app are:

  • spying target phone secretly,
  • iPhone remote spying,
  • stable and innovative features,
  • real-time full target phone control,
  • remote and advance target PC monitoring.

Are there more advantages?

Of course there are many other advantages of using this monitoring tool for example you can discover target secrets that are maybe hidden from you. If you use it to spy on your teenage kid then you are able to detect and prevent harmful situation because you will know where they are, with who and also what they are doing.

It is also easy to start monitoring. If you choose to monitor all features then you will need to install the software. The installation takes approximately 3 minutes but note if the target phone is android it requires root for instant messenger features.

Does it have some advantages on Android phones? Can I spy target phone that is not rooted?

Yes you can. The mSpy have feature called keyloggger which will allow you to spy on all text communications. With keyloger you will be able to see…

  • Application name,
  • Full text,
  • Date and time

…, remote from your online control panel.


What other users say about software?


Customers feedbacks are always welcome. mSpy customers are constantly sending us positive feedbacks. In many cases mSpy reveal many hidden activities of the target teenage kid. Here are some customer’s testimonials:


Teenage kid problem

You can not trust teenage kid. They want to be independent, try everything and that can be very dangerous. I have daughter and she constantly gets 100 messages from various social networks plus she tell me that she will be with her best friend and then go to party. Of course I decided to monitor her.

I install mSpy on her iPhone while she was taking a shower and now finely I can sleep peacefully. I know her every move and she doesn’t suspect anything. I recommend this software to everyone who wants to monitor their kids. Many thanks to Mobile Spying for software suggestion.



Company optimization

This software helps me to optimize my employee’s performances. I buy two “BUNDLE KIT” editions and install mSpy app on all company phones and computers for managers. Now I better understand my employees because I am able to see people habits, what and when they do something. It help’s me to learn many useful things so I become better director.

My employees love me and the best part is that everything is legal. Also everything works perfectly and I didn’t have any problems with installation process. It doesn’t cost so much so I recommend you to try it.



mSpy review

Check what other users say about this phone tracer.

mSpy compatibility

mSpy is compatible with major devices like:

  • Android Smartphone’s,
  • Android tablets,
  • Apple iPhone,
  • Apple iPads.


Also PC version of the software support:

  • Windows OS,
  • Mac OS.

Which OS versions it supports?

Currently it supports all new Android and iPhone models.

Android phones and tablets must be ruining on OS version 4+ while Apple devices with jailbreak  iOS 6 – 8.1.2. If yow want to spy Apple device remotely without installing the app then it supports all iOS versions.


Spyphone app for Android

This software support devices like:

  • Samsung,
  • HTC,
  • LG,
  • Motorola,
  • Acer,
  • all others.


Some popular Android supported devices

Samsung Galaxy S5
Samsung Galaxy S4
Samsung Galaxy S III
Samsung Galaxy S4 mini
Samsung Galaxy S III mini
Samsung Galaxy Note 2
Samsung Galaxy Grand
Samsung Galaxy Ring
LG Optimus L4
LG Optimus L3 E405
LG Optimus L7 P700
LG Optimus L6
HTC EVO Design 4G
Galaxy Note 3
Sony Xperia E

Spyphone app for iPhone and iPad

Spyphone app currently supports all new iPhone and iPads Apple devices.

Some popular Apple supported devices
iPhone 6 Plus
iPhone 6
iPhone 5S
iPhone 5C
iPhone 5
iPhone 4S
iPad Air 2
iPhone 4
iPad mini 3
iPhone 3GS
iPad Air
iPad mini 2
iPad mini
iPad 4
iPad 3


Spyphone app for PC


Supported Windows OS

Windows XP – 32bit
Windows Vista – 32 and 64 bit
Windows 7 – 32 and 64 bit
Windows 8
Windows 8.1 – without Metro apps


Supported Mac OS

Mac OS 10.7 Lion
Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion
OS X 10.9 Mavericks



Software compatible networks


There is no limitations regards to compatible networks. The only requirements this spy software have is that target phone have internet connection in order to upload extracted information’s. Here are some of the most popular supported compatible networks:

 FlexiSPY compatible networks



Software features

Spy phone features

Manage Calls

Monitor calls

Incoming Calls Restriction


Track text messages

Sent SMS

Received SMS


Read emails

Incoming E-mails

Outgoing E-mails


Track GPS Location

Current GPS Location



Monitor Internet Use


Browsing History

Website Bookmarks

Blocking Websites

Wi-Fi Networks


Access Calendar and Address Book


Calendar Activities



Read Instant Messages




Social Network





Control Apps and Programs

Installed Applications

Application blocking



View Multimedia Files




Remote Control

Device Wipeout

Device Locking

Additional Device Info

Control Panel


Analyze It

Comprehensive Reports






Spy without installing



Call Logs

Texts Messages

Browser History







Spy PC features


Take Live Screenshots

View all Chat Messages with Keylogger

Duration of User Activity
Applications that Target Use

Invisible mode

Monitor All Web Mailer chat

Installed applications




mSpy installation


As we say before if you want to monitor iPhone activities then you can choose whether to install mSpy spy phone app or you can spy remotely. If you choose to spy on Android phones than you will need to install it. The installation process is very easy all you need to do is to follow installation wizard.

Can I install mSpy software remotely?

If you ask yourself can this or any other app be installed remote on the target phone then the answer is no. However mSpy provide you way to spy on an iPhone devices remote from your online control panel but you will still need to posses…

  • Apple id,
  • Password,

… and also sometimes you will need to take device if it does not have activated iCloud backup. If everything was set before on an iPhone then you enter this two requirements and you spy on a target phone without installing anything and no one can ever find out that he/she was monitored.

I decide to install software, how much time installation takes?

The installation time takes approximately 3 minutes but note that there are few things you need to know. It also depends of target phone OS and features you want to monitor.

  1. Android installation time

Android device require root if you want to monitor Instant Messages and that takes some time also. There are many root tools available on the internet so you can root phone for few minutes.

  1. iPhone installation time

If you decide to install it on iPhone device than it need to be jailbroken first. It is required because you can’t download apps from other sources than App store. There are also many jailbreak tools on the internet which will jailbreak target phone in few moves.

Can I spy on more phones with one license?

With “BASIC” and “PREMIUM” version you can spy only one device but you can change monitored device numberus of times. If you choose “FAMILY KIT” edition then you are able to spy on 5 mobile cell phones and save up to 20% of the money. The same is with desktop edition.



mSpy Buy

If you decided to spy someone with professional Mobile Spying tool then the first thing that you need to do is to actually purchase the software from the online store.

Where can I buy mSpy software? How can I buy it?

You can buy this professional spy software from the top of the site button. After you press on ‘Start Spying Now’ button, then you are automatically redirected to the secure avangate page and the purchasing process begins.

Purchasing process implies filling all information’s needed to make order. Once you come to the finish screen then all important information’s will be send to your inserted email.

Which are paying methods?

Paying method that you can choose:

  • Visa/MasterCard/Eurocard,
  • PayPal,
  • Bank/Wire transfer,
  • American Express,
  • JCB,
  • Discover/Novus,
  • Diners Club,
  • Fax.


How to spy on text messages without installing software


This is one of the mSpy advantages because you can spy on a text messages without installing software. As we say before this feature, called SMS tracking for iPhone, is available only for iPhones and iPads. This is very important feature because most information’s are exchanged through that media.

Also the most secret information are deleted immediately. With this software you will still be able to see deleted text messages on your online control panel.


SMS tracker for iphone


This spyphone app is great SMS tracker for iPhone. With this SMS tracker you can capture text messages as soon as target phone receive or send it. Tracker logs contain:

  • Type (send/receive),
  • Name,
  • Full content,
  • Time.


How to get start capturing on Android?

In order to start spy on Android text messages with this SMS tracker, you will first need to install the software. You can extract that information’s from the target Android phone even if it is not rooted. The installation process is fast and easy because installation wizard lead you through the whole process.


Online control panel

If you buy mSpy spy phone app then you will immediately receive username and password. With this information’s you can login to your online account at any time from anywhere around the world with any device that have internet connection like…

  • computer,
  • mobile phone,
  • tablet etc.

Also this account is accessible only to person who buy this app ie. you and no one will ever be able to access this classified informations.

mSpy support

mSpy technical support will always help you with any questions you have. You are able to contact support with mail or also make a free call.

Send email to technical support and leave a message here:

Sales Department: [email protected]
Technical Support: [email protected]
Billing Department: [email protected]
Press and Media: [email protected]

Call us toll-free:

USA: +1 855 896 0041
UK: +44 203 519 2455
DE: +49 305 683 700 549


Does mSpy work?

Proven by many users, mSpy really work. Also this is top stable spy app so if you are satisfy with spying facilities, start monitoring.

Our customers from countries all around the world use this app and recommended it to everyone. We constantly receive many positive feedbacks.


How does mSpy work?

It works silently in background and constantly extract all top secret target phone information’s which then upload to secure online account. From there you can monitor all features as well as set up needed settings.

Is it really invisible?

Yes it is. The profs are impossible to see because it…

  • upload very small amount of data
  • doesn’t effect on battery life
  • doesn’t slow down target device,
  • there is no pop-ups,
  • there are no alerts or notifications.

Once you set everything there is no way for target to detect they are being monitored.



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