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Ok, this time you decide to record calls? Good decision because there is no faster way than the call to exchange information between distant person. Right?

So if you want to learn someone conversations and arrangements then you will certainly need mobile phone call recorder app which will record the call so you can listen to it. This day’s everyone has smartphones so the call recorder app needs to be for iPhone and Android. Does this make a sense to you?

I was frustrated when my teenage girl constantly gets calls and go to her room. She wouldn’t tell me anything so who knows with she has been talking. I know I have to do something and I did. So I am writing this article to reveal you:

  • How to record calls on iPhone and Android?
  • Which one is the best call recorder app and why?
  • Is there call recorder app that can record calls without anyone knowing?
  • How to download call recorder app?

Special I want to note that call recorder apps exist but there are tricky parts. So in order to avoid mistakes read my instructions carefully. In just a few seconds you will find out how to record calls on iPhone and Android.

How to Record Calls on iPhone and Android?

If you were in the situation like me that someone is talking on the phone secretly and didn’t want to discover you anything then you certainly know the feeling of frustration.

Well, I wanted to get rid of the frustration and in order to do that, I needed the app which will record calls from the mobile phone device. I learn from my friend that there are mobile phone call recorder apps that allow you to secretly…

  • Live listen to calls
  • Record calls

…and download the whole conversation after. So the answer to the first question how to record calls on iPhone and Android is that you will need a mobile phone call recording app.

These apps are rare but they exist and they are specially created for iPhone and Android call recording and listening.

My friend told me about few call recording apps that stay on the mobile phone secretly and record everything remotely. I wanted to get the hands on it but then I get to the one problem. Well, I didn’t know which one call recorder app to use. So let’s see which one is the best call recorder app.


Which One is the Best Call Recorder App? Why Should You use it?

Mobile Phone Call Recorder App
There are not many call recorder apps that you can use to successfully record calls on iPhone and Android. Why is that so?

Well, the apps that allow you this feature needs to be advanced and very powerful. The friend of mine told me about two apps that can record calls secretly. I tried them both before I get to my kid smartphone and at first, I struggle a lot.

Well, the setup process can be complicated if you didn’ t read the instructions. As I installed a lot of apps at first I was convinced I can do it alone but my suggestion is that you…

  • read the instructions and more importantly
  • follow the instructions

…because time is precious. So once you read the instructions you can see that these apps can be set up in approximately 5 minutes or less. When I set up the apps I was looking for the advantages and disadvantages of monitoring and determine the better one.

Also, I find out one fascinating fact. This fact is the reason why I wouldn’t have success in the recording but features of the app save me. Ready to learn the truth?


The Best Call Recorder App Review

I use two apps called Spyera and FlexiSPY. The reason why I use these apps is that they will not only provide you with call recording feature but will also allow you to track many other features. Does this sound good to you?

Because I wanted to track my teenage kid I wanted to see other activities in order to prevent her from doing something dangerous or impropriate. In order to secure here, I wanted to see who she is talking through…

  • Calls,
  • Text messages,
  • Social media,

…and both apps Spyera and FlexiSPY provide me very useful features. This spy apps allow you to track someones:

  • Text messages with full logs like names, numbers, and content
  • Social media text messages and other activities
  • GPS location (there is no more missing out of school)

…and much more. The, more importantly, I get what I want in the first place and more! Well, I wanted a mobile phone call recorder and I get call recorder as well as VOIP recorder.


How Spyera and FlexiSPY discover me secret activities I wasn’t even aware?

So with the Spyera and FlexiSPY, I was able to record and listen VOIP calls also. The VOIP calls are the calls made through Instant messenger apps like:

  • Viber
  • WhatsApp
  • Line
  • Skype

I find that in my case the VOIP calls provide me a lot more information because my kid was constantly on Like and WhatsApp. Does this sound logical to you?

This feature saves my monitoring and if you want to really discover the real truth about someone secret call activities I suggest you track VOIP calls also.

On the other hand, both apps will allow you to track almost all mobile phone activities you can think off but still, the one was slightly better.


Spyera vs FlexiSPY – Which one is better?

Well as I mention both apps do their job ie. gives me the ability to record calls and a much more. However, I was more satisfied with Spyera monitoring. Well, the Spyera have:

  • Very powerful features.
  • Well design.
  • Works great.
  • Provide me all I need.

So Spyera call recording feature will act like call recorder and allow you to secretly and remotely live listen and record calls. Also, there are a lot more very powerful features. The most powerful features that impress as well as satisfy my monitoring need was:

  • Record ordinary calls.
  • Live listen to ordinary calls.
  • Record Skype calls.
  • Record WhatsApp calls.
  • Record Viber Calls.
  • Record Line Calls.
  • Get VOIP and ordinary call logs like names, numbers, time, date and duration.
  • Have real-time mobile phone calling records.
  • Export calling records whenever you want.
  • Track GPS in real-time.
  • Track Social media.
  • Track text messages.
  • And much more.

You can see the full feature list on the Mobile Spying Spyera Reviews article. However, as you can see this features will certainly satisfy your monitoring need and it will be game changing in your life as well. No more questions like:

  • With who she is talking?
  • What are her intentions?
  • Is there some dangerous situation on the way?

So if you want to learn the real truth about someone activities I suggest you try Spyera. Spyera is the world well know spy software and it is used by users all around the world.

It has a long tradition on the market and it was improved for a long time. These days the long experience make Spyera one of the most powerful mobile phone tracking app on the Internet and in just a few seconds you will see how it can record calls without anyone knowing.


Is there Call Recorder App that can Record Calls Without Anywone Knowing?

As I mention above the call recorder apps I present you here can secretly and remotely record calls without anyone knowing. So this means that both Spyera and FlexiSPY are invisible. Sounds good, does it?

The reason why Spyer and FlexiSPY are invisible is that this call recorder apps for iPhone and Android are specially designed to track activities secretly. They have background feature ie. during the setup procedure you can hide all evidence of app presence. So once I set up the Spyera call recorder app for my kid smartphone monitoring I could:

  • Listen calling records on my online account
  • View all other extracted information on my online account
  • Track my kid location in real time-without anyone knowing

As you can see using the Spyera app really change my life and that is the reason why I wrote this article in the first place.

Ok, now you know how to record calls on iPhone and Android as well as which one call recording app is the best for secret and remote iPhone and Android tracking.

However, still, I haven’t answered you on one very important question. So in just a few seconds, you will learn how to download call recorder app for iPhone and Android.


How to Download Call Recorder App? Call Recorder App for iPhone and Android

Spy App
The download procedure is very simple and easy. You can download call recorder app on iPhone and Android in few minutes with the download link. However, there is one thing you need to know.

The tracking apps will upload all information to the online account. The online account is the server storage space which is accessible only to you. The second thing is that this app is created by professional teams of programmers and this all cost. Do you agree with that?

As you probably suspect the app is not free. There are many sources on the internet that will suggest otherwise but be aware that this is scams. So there is no:

  • Free call recorder app for iPhone and Android
  • Free download call recorder app for iPhone and Android
  • Download call recorder apps for free

…and etc. The professional apps will work but the apps costs. Does this make a sense to you? Once you made a purchase the app is delivered to you through the Internet as a digital product. On your mail you will receive:

  • Instructions.
  • Download link.
  • License key.
  • Online account username.
  • Online account password.

Once you have this requirement you can proceed with the secret iPhone and Android VOIP recording, call recording, live listening of calls and tracking of social, GPS location, text messages and all other smartphone activities. So are you ready to proceed with secret tracking?


Final Verdict on Call Recorder Apps

In this mobile phone call recorder app for iPhone and Android, you could see how to secretly and remotely live listen and record calls. Also, you could see that this days even more importantly you need to record VOIP calls like:

  • Viber
  • WhatsApp
  • Line
  • Skype

The two apps I show you are Spyera and FlexiSPY. Both apps support call recorder as well as many other features. The app that provides me with the better option that satisfies my tracking need was Spyera.

The Spyera allow me to track all smartphone activities and allow me to get the full view in secret activities on the target mobile phone device. So if you finally wanna learn the real truth and secure yourself from hidden activities I suggest you try the Spyera call recorder as well as smartphone tracking app.


My name is Mark Simpson and I’m the lead content manager and customer support representative at Mobile Spying. Basically, I steer the ship, deciding what news to cover, and how to cover them. I grew up in Nebraska, and although I live in Los Angeles now, my heart is in the Nebraska.

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