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Are you interesting in secret and remote mobile spying? If so then you will certainly wanna know about spy phone app for Android and iPhone secret tracking. Right?

Well, don’t get me wrong the reason why I am writing this article is that I was there and I have had a lot of trails and failures before I come up to the right spy phone app which allows me to see all target smartphone activities and see what is going on behind my back.

The Android and iPhone mobile phones are these days the major devices for communication. So if you really want to discover someone activities you will need to monitor them. Does this make a sense to you? Well, I had a teenage kid and I needed to track her activities. I was interested in:

  • Which one is the best spy phone app for Android and iPhone?
  • How to use spy phone app for remote mobile spying?
  • Is there a way to make a free spy phone app download?
  • Can I track the mobile phone without access?

So in this article, I want to provide you with the answer to this questions and more. Ok, let’s start with the first question which one is the best spy phone app for Android and iPhone?


Which One is the Best Spy Phone App for Android and iPhone?

Spy Phone App for Android and iPhone
When I wanted to track my kid remote the first thing I need to do is to actually find the right app for me. There are tons of apps on the internet that allows you a lot of things.

However, I have to say that the best spy phone app for Android and iPhone will be the one that satisfies your mobile spying needs. Make sense does it?

So when with trails and failures I come up with the list of good and bad apps. However, I determine that there are three spy apps that provide me the most satisfying results. To find out more about the testing I made there is a link to the review article where I advantage and disadvantages in details so here they are:

  1. Highster Mobile Review
  2. mSpy Review
  3. Spyera Review

The order is specific because my choice was Highster Mobile when I sum up all advantages and disadvantages that are provided to me. As I say here I will mention only a little part of my testing. So in just a few seconds, you will learn why is Highster Mobile the best spy phone app for Android and iPhone mobile spying.


Highster Mobile Spy Phone App for Android and iPhone Mobile Spying


Well, the testing shows me that Highster Mobile spy is the most cost-efficient app. This means that it will provide you the best tracking abilities for the money you pay. Sounds good, does it?

Well, it does and it was really amazing to be able to see my kid extracted activities with my easy remote on the online account. So the Highster Mobile spy phone app allows me to remote and secretly:

  • Spy on Calls.
  • Spy on text messages (SMS).
  • Track social media profiles like Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat, Line, WeChat and etc.
  • See all text messages as well as other activities on social media accounts.
  • See in real-time GPS location as well as my kid movements on the map.
  • Track her calendar, schedule and all other plans.

Well don’t get me wrong my kid is teenage and the time in which we are living can be very dangerous. The way she started to talk to me was really frustrating and I know she has been starting to hide things form me.

Well with this spy phone app features I was able to see all activities for myself so there was no way that any other truth is hidden from me. Why is that so?

Once you set up the app it will secretly and remotely extract all activities I mention above and upload it to you on your online account without anyone knowing. However, there are other solutions like mSpy and Spyera so you might ask yourself why I didn’t give the advantage to them. Right?


When would I prefer to use mSpy spy phone app for Android and iPhone?

The mSpy is much like Highster Mobile. I would highly give it the advantage if you want to track someone iPhone. Well, mSpy spy phone app for iPhone has one feature called no jailbreak no install monitoring.

This feature will allow you to track someone iPhone activities without access to their mobile phone. However, there is always a tricky part. Ain’t it?

Well, in this case, there is. You will need to have some requirements in order to start track iPhone without access. The mSpy app requires:

  • Apple id
  • Apple password
  • Cloud backup activated

So if you know these requirements of the target iPhone I recommend you to consider using the mSpy app. Also, mSpy has some unique features like geo-fencing and keylogger for Android and iPhone so if this is what you need it can be good too. Is that a good way of thinking?

Ok, but there is one more app called Spyera and I have to explain when would I give the advantage to it.

When would I prefer to use Spyera spy phone app for Android and iPhone?

The Spyera is the app that has been using for tracking smartphone devices for a long time. During that time it becomes one of the most powerful tracking systems on the Internet.

It will allow you more features than any other software. Also, it allows you to track GPS location, text messages, calls, browser history, social media and the biggest advantage is that it provides you the most powerful features like:

  • call recording for ordinary calls,
  • live listening call for ordinary calls,
  • call recording for VOIP,
  • Live to listen of cell phone surrounding.

I think you know what is recording, live listening to calls and live listening to mobile phone surrounding but the VOIP features might be unknown to you. Well, when I use Spyera spy phone app for Android and iPhone mobile spying I saw that I can record calls that are made through:

  • Skype
  • Line
  • Viber
  • WhatsApp

So with Spyera app, you will be able to record and listen all calls that have been made or received on tracked Android and iPhone device. Do you find this useful?

Ok, now that you know all advantages and disadvantages of all three apps you can choose the one that best suites to you. I say my choice is Highster Mobile because it is cheap, very powerful and provide me everything I need for secret and remote mobile spying.

Ok, now let’s see how to use spy phone app for remote mobile spying?


How to Use Spy Phone App for Remote Mobile Spying?

Well, the spy phone app is designed for remote and secret mobile spying. So it is its purpose. Don’t you agree? I get that as soon as I start to usee this three top-rated mobile phone spying apps.

These apps are easy to use and very easy to set up. In fact, if you follow the instructions you get with the purchase you can see that everything can be done in less than 5 minutes.

Once you set up the spy phone app it will be invisible and it will do it purpose and that is remote mobile spying for as long as you want. Sounds Fun, Does it? All activities that are extracted will be visible to you on the online control panel which is protected with…

  • Account username
  • Account password

…and this information will be known only to you once you purchase the app. So the Highster Mobile, mSpy, and Spyera online account is the place where you view all activities and you can log in to your account…

  • from anywhere all around the world
  • whenever you want

…and all tracked Android and iPhone activities will be visible to you. Do you think it is a good way to track someone activities?

Ok, the next question I had and I think you want to know the truth is can you make free spy phone app download?


Is there a Way to Make a Free Spy Phone App Download?

The answer to the question is yes you can make a free spy phone app download with the download link. However, it will do you no good. Why is that so?

Well, the app will need to be activated in order to start tracking someone mobile phone activities. The only way to do that is to insert license key. So, unfortunately, you will need to purchase the app. Also, many users want to get the cracked versions so they are looking for…

  • How to download spy phone app for free?
  • Spy phone app free apk
  • Spy phone app free download
  • Spy phone app cracked version

…and all other free option but note that these apps are impossible to get for free. Why is that so? There are three very good reasons:
1.Spy app creation
Well, to create the spy phone app for Android and iPhone you will need a professional team of people who will make the app. This procedure costs a company money.

2. Online account made for spy app using
The second reason why you can’t get it for free is that online account that is created for you is the server space and as you probably know the server space isn’t for free also.

3. Spy app maintenance
The spy phone app needs to support all new models of cell phone. Also, it needs to be upgraded in order to stay supported with new technology made for the smartphone device. The company which will provide you functional spy app will certainly need mone for its maintenance.


I saw free spy phone app for Android and iPhone should I get it?

So if someone gives you the free spy phone app for Android and iPhone you should ask yourself what will you download. In most cases, this is viruses or scam apps which can be very harmful. It makes sense, does it?

However, note that the price amounts aren’t that big if you see what you get. In fact, once the activities start to appear on your online account you will be glad you did it. How much does it cost to discover the truth and have peace of mind?

Well, I didn’t have a second thought. In fact, I try a lot of apps and many of them were the failure. However, if you choose either of the top three solutions…

  • Highster Mobile
  • mSpy
  • Spyera

… you won’t regret it. I choose Highster mobile and I finally sleep peacefully without asking myself what does my kid hide from me and why. So are you ready to start track Android and iPhone activities with spy phone app?



In this article, you could see top three spy phone apps for Android and iPhone secret mobile spying. Here I explain in short advantages and disadvantages of using them and also point out the best one. The top three phone spy apps are:

  • Cost efficient app – Highster Mobile
  • No jailbreak and no install app – mSpy
  • The most powerful app – Spyera

The app that I point out as the best one is the Highster Mobile. Well, it provides you a lot of advanced tracking features for mobile spying and also cost a lot less than other solutions.

Whether you choose Highster Mobile, mSpy or Spyera, you will be glad because you will make the first step in discovering the truth that can change your life. So are you happy with your life or you want to make a change right away?

My name is Mark Simpson and I’m the lead content manager and customer support representative at Mobile Spying. Basically, I steer the ship, deciding what news to cover, and how to cover them. I grew up in Nebraska, and although I live in Los Angeles now, my heart is in the Nebraska.

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